v0.68: Ghost Race!

Your gameplays are now recorded and ghosts of other players are appearing (initially with a chance of 50%) and playing back their recording.

Check out the settings menu  "Recording" to select which ghosts you want to see, how often and whether you allow the game to record your gameplay or not (please do).

You can also select "Ghost Race" from the main menu to select a highscore and play against a ghost of that player specifically. Please give it some time, so players can fill the highscore list with  entries that have a recording (marked with "R").

I also changed the level list, so there is a new level in there now. An underwater level. :)


Demo Win64 58 MB
69 days ago
Demo Mac 59 MB
69 days ago
Demo Linux64 63 MB
69 days ago
Demo Win32 57 MB
69 days ago

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