Spaß Taxi v1.2

This update contains mainly quality of life improvements that make it easier (especially for new players) to advance. New in this version:

  • Input buffer for landing gear
    So you can press SPACE or the corresponding controller buttons slightly before the passenger completely left the taxi already and the landing gear will be toggled afterwards.

  • Button?
    Some players ignored the button in level 4, so it starts blinking after a while now.

  • Money = Score
    Added a hint telling you that you should not spend all your money if you want to add your name to the highscore list.

  • Keyboardless Highscore
    Added a way to enter your name without a keyboard. You can use the same keys that you control the taxi with (e.g. controller) to enter your name.

  • Less delay
    Reduced the delay at the end of a level in Ghost Race mode when you left through a bonus rift.

  • Better interpolation of recorded samples (e.g. when parked on a rotating platform)


SpassTaxi (Mac) 90 MB
Jan 25, 2020
SpassTaxi (Win32) 86 MB
Jan 25, 2020
SpassTaxi (Win64) 89 MB
Jan 25, 2020
SpassTaxiDemo (Mac) 90 MB
Jan 25, 2020
SpassTaxiDemo (Win32) 86 MB
Jan 25, 2020
SpassTaxiDemo (Win64) 89 MB
Jan 25, 2020

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