v1.1: A fix here and there...


  • The collision sound with the spikes in "Fatal Attraction" was wrong
  • Attempt at removing those mysterious skulls (usually shown when a ghost killed a passenger) right at the start of a level
  • Killing a saboteur no longer closes the bonus gate in veteran mode. You did nothing wrong! :)


  • Added option to open the "Loading Screen" containing all those gameplay tips from the "Learn to drive" menu option
  • Destroyed bonus gate in the last level of the demo as it did not make much sense
  • Added some delay at the end of level in "Ghost Race" mode, so you can read the race results


SpassTaxi_Win64.zip 88 MB
Jan 03, 2020
SpassTaxi_Mac.zip 90 MB
Jan 03, 2020
SpassTaxi_Win32.zip 86 MB
Jan 03, 2020
SpassTaxiDemo_Win64.zip 88 MB
Jan 03, 2020
SpassTaxiDemo_Mac.zip 90 MB
Jan 03, 2020
SpassTaxiDemo_Win32.zip 86 MB
Jan 03, 2020

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