v0.65 - Bonus Rifts, Loading Screens & Fixes

In this version the bonus rifts replace the appearance of bonus stages between levels. You will have to fulfill all the passenger wishes to make it open up (when it is present in the level). Between levels only static gameplay tips are present now that you can skip completely by pressing X, but they contain some helpful stuff.

I also readded the effect of the landing gear to the normal (formerly "casual") mode to  add some sense to it again.

The "Slow please!" passenger task was broken (killed it  quite a  while ago in an update ^^) and was fixed and changed, so it is easier to handle.

The main menu got a new background. You can turn off the movement with the menu option "Stop that animated background!" (if you are a new player) or in the visuals options (if you are a returning player).


Demo Win64 46 MB
Aug 21, 2019
Demo Mac 48 MB
Aug 21, 2019
Demo Win32 44 MB
Aug 21, 2019
Demo Linux64 47 MB
Aug 21, 2019

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