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A game about fear and letting go of it. · By ScaniX


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Darkness is now Mournway Mansion
The game has been renamed to "Mournway Mansion". Please check out the new project page where you can also find the new demo containing the new tutorial! Yay! :)...
Looking for gameplay inspiration in the weirdest places
As planned, I returned to this project after Spaß Taxi was released in December of 2019. After finishing the cellar gameplay and missing items for the prologue...
Development in 2018
Hi! I just made a video of my gamedev progress on Darkness in 2018. Please enjoy some of the first and most recent steps in the game! :)...
Prologue Phase B
Just a quick update: I am working on the prologue phase B (which comes directly after the cellar). It contains some voxel object destruction and is the first sc...
The progress on the cellar for the prologue is slow, but steady. :) I am mainly defining the gameplay and elements of the scene and build the room layout accord...
Version 1.3
The new version 1.3 fixes a problem with the names for the GameSlate highscore list. I probably would not even have noticed it, but a youtuber entered "VISION"...
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Darkness Demo 1.2 Update
After watching some videos of people playing the demo, I added some hints to the... hints for the riddle. If you enable the tutorial texts, you will see all hin...
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Last update of the first demo
I added some more hints to the inventory and closeup modes. I hope the interaction is a little clearer now. :) This is the last planned update to the demo for n...
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Last post
Please post your feedback to the demo here, thanks! :)
started by ScaniX Oct 28, 2018
4 replies
Yeesh, you must be getting sick of these by now! But I find the best way for me to review a game is to get stuck right i...
started by MikeyBlighe Dec 04, 2018
3 replies
As I promised a couple of days ago, here's the gameplay video I recorded! If the feedback I previously gave wasn't enoug...
started by TheVisionaryOne Nov 21, 2018
1 reply
started by QUEEN FAITH 89 Nov 17, 2018
1 reply
Cool game. I like the pixel look. I couldn't quite figure out the puzzle though.
started by ProofreadFire Nov 15, 2018
1 reply
That was an interesting game, took me a while to figure out too but I think it was just hard enough. YouTuber: Fellowpla...
started by Fellowplayer Nov 15, 2018
1 reply
Hey! I enjoyed the demo and look forward to the full release. One suggestion: don't have left click default to "examine"...
started by SabreCat Oct 28, 2018
2 replies