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A game about fear and letting go of it. · By ScaniX


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Looking for gameplay inspiration in the weirdest places
As planned, I returned to this project after Spaß Taxi was released in December of 2019. After finishing the cellar gameplay and missing items for the prologue...
Development in 2018
Hi! I just made a video of my gamedev progress on Darkness in 2018. Please enjoy some of the first and most recent steps in the game! :)...
Prologue Phase B
Just a quick update: I am working on the prologue phase B (which comes directly after the cellar). It contains some voxel object destruction and is the first sc...
The progress on the cellar for the prologue is slow, but steady. :) I am mainly defining the gameplay and elements of the scene and build the room layout accord...
Version 1.3
The new version 1.3 fixes a problem with the names for the GameSlate highscore list. I probably would not even have noticed it, but a youtuber entered "VISION"...
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Darkness Demo 1.2 Update
After watching some videos of people playing the demo, I added some hints to the... hints for the riddle. If you enable the tutorial texts, you will see all hin...
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Last update of the first demo
I added some more hints to the inventory and closeup modes. I hope the interaction is a little clearer now. :) This is the last planned update to the demo for n...
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Small interaction update
Just a small update to change the interaction: Examine is now always on the right mouse button. This makes it more consistent and helps at places like the drawe...
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