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I am playing the full game now, but where can i find the demo? I'd like to try that too!

You will find the demo if you scroll all the way down on the game page.

It has its own highscore list, but it contains an excerpt of the same levels, so you won't miss anything by playing "only" the full version. :)

there are two things that would be fun if you added it; a death counter, and maybe a car selection screen, and that you can unlock cars with achievements you could earn while playing! If that would be added i'd be hooked to the game! (not that i'm not hooked already!)

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Thanks for the suggestions! Unlockable cars have been suggested before, but this would need a lot of additional work. At some point a dev needs to "move on" to have time for future projects.

I might do smaller updates in the future and added the death counter to the list. :)

I'm already looking forward to it!

I love it! I love the art style and the funny gameplay, and i love that you can just rampage through the level! I will rate it good!

Hi! Thank you very much for the nice feedback! :)

i whant to see CaptainSauce play it hes funny XD 

Well, I'd love that. :)

Congratulations on your demo release! Taserface

Thanks! :D