A downloadable tool for Windows


  • Scales with resolutions above 1080p, so it works for 4k displays
  • Lists all fonts from a directory tree in a list to quickly  browse through
  • You can enter a custom preview text
  • Can hide all fonts that don't contain all characters from the preview text
  • Open the font in the  Windows Explorer to copy it to your project
  • "Size is height" option to   compensate  font size differences

It probably works on mac/linux, too. I just don't have those systems available at the moment to test it. 

I am still adding features from time to time. Please comment below if you would like a specific function or have encountered a bug, thanks!

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Install instructions

This program needs Java. You can get it here:  https://www.java.com/de/download/

Afterwards just download the .jar and double click it to start the tool.


Fontly.jar 71 kB

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